Lipstick Jelly for Sims 3

Format: sims3pack/package

With thumbnail in CAS

4 channels.

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Thanks all creators, which content I used.

Sims3pack(VK) Sims3pack(TSR)



Hello Guys :]
Finally my Paper Bag is done and ready for download, Thank you so much for your sweet comments on the WIP Posts and because of that I could finish it.

As I mentioned on the post I just linked, you can store stuff on these bags.
Read All the details, find Mirrors, aditional comments and find the “secrets" of this paper Bag: At my Blogger.
Or Ignore them </3 and download here:
Package | Sims3Pack

Enjoy them! Yes I love my Blogger :]


"NuBE Security Systems" Is the Most advanced system ever done.
It is good to make advertisements of your stuff :D

Hello People! This is my “latest” creation, It took a long time to do it even if it was “easy”, Alarms are pretty hard to do! Ugh. Well I came with this cute design, nothing new but size, the First cloud I made was posted as a WIP a Long time ago but used Today.

Those items are Base Game Compatible and have some iteresting details as Two masks, for see those and more with Mirror Downloads go to my Blogger.
Package | Sims3Pack

I hope you Enjoy them!


Tattoo Only for Girls

two versions: 1- full body   2 - only hands

Special thanks for testing: |simblrverse| |my-special-sim|

Model: Kali Doe

Download:  |MEDIAFIRE|


By request, I’ve converted chunkysims' Kamikazee sneakers for females, teen through elder. They are fully recolor-able. Enjoy!

(sims3pack & package files)



Hi, everyone! I’d like to introduce my friend’s works here today! :) I tried this hairstyle on my sim. (Then I added the second image) It’s so perfect! I’d like to really recommend it. XD

The Sims3 Hairstyle by Bucket

  • Model: Resident Evil6 Leon.Scott.Kennedy
  • Author: Bucket
  • Generation & gender: Teen to Elder for Male.

[Please download this from Bucket’s website]


[JS SIMS 3] Off The Shoulder Top

  • Available For:
  • Female - YA / Adult
  • All Time
  • One recolorable channel
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available


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sims3 / clothing / YA~A / male

・Please do not redistribute my creations on Exchange or any website.

・Please do not remodel my creations.

Part 2 Download

Part 1 Download


1st Anniversary Gifts -Part 1-
[ACC] Marie Rose Necklace

Good, This is my first mesh conversion for you *3* i made this conversion with much love n-n. This mesh is different with the JenniSims. I hope you like c: In CAS no look very good but in the game looks Excellent ;) 
  • 2 Variations (1 Recolorable the other includes the original colors)
  • Recolorable (3 channels)
  • .Package & .Sims3Pack
  • Original Mesh TeamNinja
  • Not available for Random

Dropbox | Copy

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PS: have images that are junk if erased the necklace disappears Sorry.


Sk8terskirt Overalls for Ya-A Female

  • Mesh & Textures 100% by me
  • Fully Morphed, looks a bit odd on fat morphs
  • 5 different recolorable variations
  • don’t be a mean please folow my TOU
  • tag simt0rr if you use them please