Steampunk Tattoo set Part I

My first tattoo set lmao

3 different tattoos
4 presets (3 single tattoos and 3 merged)
Non recolorable
Custom CAS pic

I accept requests

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Skysims 223

Female, all ages.


Custom CAS Thumbnail




Credits: EA

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- If you use it, please tag me and/or link my tumblr profile!


Download (package): Click me!

I just wanna say a HUGE “thank you” to all my followers!
It’s not much, it’s my first tattoos set, but I’m proud of myself!

I love you all, this is my gift for you! <3 


Today is the last day I’ll be on for a bit as after 6 years of friendship, I’m finally meeting my best friend Jenna and she’s staying over for the week. Right as soon as she leaves, I start college 2 days later. 16 credit hours and being a full-time employee will take up pretty much my entire life, so I won’t be around much besides maybe the weekends here pretty soon.

ANYWAYS, I was watching Spirited Away today and decided I needed more Studio Ghibli items in my sims’ lives.

There’s 8 sets in total, named accordingly to the movie they’re from. All of the photos came from the lovely aprettyfire and I’m very grateful she gave me permission to use her photos for this! ALL credit for photos go to her. If you’re a Ghibli fan, I highly suggest you follow her as well :3

Photosets with photos -
Cat Returns | Ponyo | Background Scenery | Spirited Away | Totoro | Kiki’s DeliveryToxic Jungle | Howl’s Moving Castle 1/2

Downloads include both .sims3pack & .package files. All files have been compressed and tested in-game.

box folder /


Wow 400 followers!! Thank you to everyone that’s following me!

Here’s some typography prints to celebrate :)

The art is from and the meshes are by leehee and converted by bluehopper (thank you!)

There’s a .package file and a .sims3pack for the hanging and leaning versions, so install what you want :)



DOWNLOAD ( .package file / 865kb / Mediafire )

* This lot is more for looks than it is for function, and looks best at night. Good for storytelling, but probably not very good for much gameplay.

Just put this file into your Library folder for it to show up in your bin in-game. Utilizes OMSP and OMSP resizers, as well. Fairly certain that everything else is base game, patch, and Island Paradise, and one or two Supernatural items. If it gives you any trouble, let me know and I’ll see if I can help at all!


Because goth sims need bedsheets too. Also, I got bored.


mediafrebox |


Reupload Special Part 2 - Diesel Edits 

A Foray into Toned down glam

Diesel is one of my favourites in SP objects aside from Fast Lane and Outdoor Living. The somewhat faux grunge look and the comfy pilloiws are just two of the many favourites. These edits were created for the Drab to Fab house. 

What I edited:

  • Removed that DJ Stencil from the bed and assigned the frame to the channel with the legs.
  • Removed the shine and edited the multiplier to the couch and chair just a tad
  • Dechained the table and gave it a new channel. 

What I fixed:

  • Made Base Compatible - No longer needs Diesel 
  • Combined and compressed the files. 


Skysims 228 

I was able to fix my game and take previews, yay! From now on only two tho, its way faster. Female, teen-elder.


Credits: Skysims, Pastry-box, Hoz, aWT


I had far too much fun making the first image haha.

Anyway! This is essentially the exact same Jack hair conversion from before, but now with a custom scalp texture which features her tattoos. The tattoos are also recolourable, using the hair tips channel, so you can make them all kinds of colours :D and then do weird tron-inspired photoshop if you’re me.

As before, it’s a hat hair for teen to adult females only. Credit goes to Bioware for the awesome game and hard work in making the original models and Nightfable for converting the model to XNALara. Retextures are welcome, though please include a link to this post as well as credit for the conversion.




New Earrings for your simmies! :)

They are pretty simple and under 100 Polygon which is probably a new record for me! XD 

Only the stud is recolorable, the area behind it is transparent to have that cool effect, you know what i mean..

Click Here to Download  (When you’ve reached the page, click the download button below the download counter.)


6500+ followers’ gift.  Sorry for the crappy previews, but they’re so very draining…


Three variations of cuffed jeans for your YA/A males!  They’re for everyday wear, and… I never pay attention to that part now that I think about it.  Styles 2 and 3 have a non-recolorable ‘overlay’ preset.  Style 2 has four recolorable channels while 1 and 3 have three.  Sorry for the lack of channel previews.  I thought I took some for all, but I failed.

Mesh is a mash-up I did to ‘fix’ an EA mesh and make it low-rise.  Textures are by EA and from the Diesel stuff pack.  SHOULD be base-game compatible, but please let me know if they’re not.  Compressorized and optimized.

They all morph wonderfully, though the LODs are a bit lame (but there!).  Custom thumbnails.

Do whatever you want with these as long as you don’t claim you made them or link to them via AdFly or similar or make money off the things I give away for free.  I can’t believe I have to tell people not to be an asshole.



Hey Guys so I just wanna say thank you for +300 followers here in the Simblr community! I love each and everyone you and the one soon the come! I have made you all these ombré sweaters as my 300 followers gift. These are very different for me and I though you would all like them hopefully!

Quick Info:

  • They are only enabled for Everyday.
  • Fully Morph compatible.
  • Mesh is by MK (I edited a few problems in MS)
  • Are for YA & Ad female.

Download: Mega | MF


Door Knocker Rope Earrings

Time for sims 3 download now! Woop woop

I had this project for the longest time… and Im glad I was able to finish them. ENJOY!

Models - Lily by Me



the seemingly heinous grammar of that really kills me.

Lukas | Luna | Levi

tag me if you ever use them so I can see! ^-^